Outline and Idea (18/04/17)

Food is the first need for human survival and one of the basic forms of social life. China has long and rich history which creating numerous splendid civilization and cultural heritage, therefore the Chinese food has diversity profound as its fifty-six ethic groups. On the other hand, some of the western countries have the similar long history such as England and Italy which have the food heritage culture. The colonies countries, for example Australia and America the food culture has been influenced by the immigrants who are bring in their native food and eating habit to the country, consequence the western food culture has become a comprehensive


  • Two different dietary ideas
  • Differences in Chinese and Western Dietary Objectives
  • Differences in diet
  • Differences in eating habits

The purpose of this site is to let the audience understand the different ways of thinking and philosophy of life in the West created a difference between Chinese and Western cultures, thus creating a difference between Chinese and Western food culture.

Research (20/04/17)

Food culture is based on food, reflected in the human spiritual civilization, is a sign of the development of human culture, food is often living in the core of culture. The food culture can expend to the nations cultural inheritance. In the context of food culture, the concept of human consciousness, value, philosophy, religion, art, etc. (Bian 2004).

Research (22/04/17)

chopsticks and Knife and fork are present the differences in eating utensils, and thus affect the concept of East and West lifestyle and value. The chopsticks are bringing the family together around table highlight the value of Chinese culture have a relatively strong family concept. Knife and fork show the utensils used by individual which derive from western culture pay attention to individual and independence (Leong & Clark 2003).

Research (23/04/17)

Nowadays, Chinese culture and Chinese food are becoming more popular in which culture mystery rich and verity for cooking style that are draw attention of the world. The Western, their utensils are knife and fork and eat individual, that reflect the Western culture is attach more priority to the individualism. The two different value orientations also showed in the food culture (Xiong 2017).

Material (28/04/17)

Soldier Brother by Kaitlin Jones

Differences between Chinese and Western Food Culture by Sandy Wang


Thinking the project structure (01/05/17)

The documentary will begin with the introduction of the landing page of Chopsticks vs. Knife & fork project, the site will operate primarily through audio interviews and self-exploration clicks, there will be a brief audio presentation on the landing page to explain what the project it is.

Social media integration (02/05/17)

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